June 24, 2024


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Wireless Networking Security: WPA to WPA2

WPA upgrade to WPA2

TO upgrade your wireless network security to WPA2 follow these steps:

1. Upgrade your wireless router’s firmware to the latest firmware. Linksys and Dlink wireless routers manufactured in the last two years will have WPA2 compatible firmware ababilable.

2. Download the windows xp patch for WPA2

3. Download your wireless adapter’s most up to date firmware.

4. After you install your new firmware and driver restart your wireless router and computer.

5. Now go to your wireless routers web interface, proceed to the security tab and choose WPA2. You will have the options of WPA2 Mixed , WPA2 RADIUS and WPA2. Mixed WPA2 will let you use either AES or TKIP encryption. WPA2 by default only uses AES. WPA2 radius uses AES and will authenticate users via a RADIUS server. Home users should use WPA2 mixed or WPA2. Enter in your passphrase and logout.

6. Some wireless adapter will not let you use windows xp zero confifuration utility to run WPA2. Some companies will make you utilize their third party software for WPA2 support. This is often the case if you are using Windows 2000 or using a older adapater. To configure your adapter go to the adapter properites choose wirleess networks and choose which network you want to configure. Choose the same WPA2 option that you selected on your wireless router and enter the passphrase.

7. Don’t forget to make your passphrase as compicated as possible to avoid brute force attacks