April 16, 2024


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What Are Bird Centrifuges?

Andritz Bird decanter centrifuges or as it’s commonly referred to as Bird centrifuges is a type of industrial centrifuge. This centrifuge has a few advantages over other centrifuges. A few of them include the process flexibility, machine automation, and chemical resistance to name a few. The tool is simple to install and safe for people to use. A Bird centrifuge machine has low spacing requirements as well as low operating costs.

Historically, the Bird Machine Company had its origin as a partnership created by Charles Sumner Bird in the early 1900s. The Company was incorporated in 1909 and their first product was the Bird Rotary Paper Screen. This product played a major contribution in the advancement for stock cleaning in paper mills. The Company established a broad line of centrifugal and filtration equipment for liquid/solids separation in 1932. Bird eventually diversified to a wide range of equipment for stock preparation and cleaning in the pulp for the paper industry. Other notable accomplishments included creation of accessory equipment used in the making of paper and paperboard.

The first significant development in the industrial centrifuge industry was the creation of the first planetary gear unit added to all centrifuge machines. On June 1934 the patent was issued and this established the basis for the design used in the Bird Solid Bowl and Screen Bowl Centrifuges and opens the door for the development and application of decanter centrifuges into the process industry. Frank Young working for the Bird Machine Company patented the Bird-Young Filter in the early nineteen forties. The Bird-Young Filter could easily separate and wash solids in a machine that is a fraction of the size of conventional rotary vacuum-drum filter. This fast, efficient filter quickly found applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries.

Recently an Andrtiz D5LL Decanter Centrifuge was sold that has a maximum drum speed of thirty-two hundred revolutions per minute with a stainless steel rotating assembly. Another successful sale of an Andrtiz 6150 Decanter Centrifuge which is a solid bowl centrifuge with a nominal operating speed of a thousand revolutions per minute with an alternate sheave of fourteen hundred revolutions per minute. Bird centrifuges have a ceramic bowl liner, a four inch feed pipe connection, and comes complete with hoppers for solids and liquids and a lube system. When buying or looking for a used centrifuge always make sure to deal with a company that has experience and credibility to handle such equipment.