March 2, 2024


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Orthopaedic Office Chairs: Benefits and Advantages

Orthopaedic office chairs are specially designed for the user to be comfortable while working in the office. Office works entails sitting for a long period of time which can sometimes cause strain at the back, arms and wrist and neck. Almost all orthopaedic chairs take into consideration the physical and mental capability of the office worker.

When an officer worker sits, his/her body weight is transferred into the buttocks and thighs, sitting might increase the pressure on the vertebral discs. This is also hard on the lower extremities because it pools blood in the legs and feet, creating a slow return of blood to the heart. Orthopaedic office chairs helps ease the user of all these symptoms. Conventional office chairs are not designed with this in mind, making them uncomfortable for the body which leads to back and neck pain, abdominal pain, leg pain and other movement disorders. These are some reasons why you need to use ergonomic chairs.

Orthopaedic office chairs are made to give maximum comfort and make it easier for people to work. They are made after several years of thorough research on how skeletal stress can affect the workplace.

The health benefits of these chairs include preventing back problems because it comes with lower back support adjustment. Office workers will be able to adjust the height and depth of the seat. All ergonomic chair come with backrest adjustment so users are able to adjust its backrest preventing back problems in the future.

Because an office worker spends most of their time sitting, circulation in the legs start to become a problem which can lead to more serious problems in the future. With orthopaedic office chairs, you should be able to adjust the seat height. Its pneumatic adjustment levers can be used in lowering and raising the chair so that your feet can be properly planted on the ground.

Using orthopaedic chairs will also allow you to adjust the armrest. Adjusting the armrest is important because the arms and shoulders need to rest but elbows should not rest on the chair’s armrest because this may lead to wrist problems. This is more often than not encountered when you use normal office chairs because its armrest is fixed. Using this type of chair will also avoid neck strain as this is directly related to back strain.

The health benefits of this chair will be noticeable later in life as a worker gets older because this is when bad habits in younger life can be felt as one gets old.