May 28, 2024


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Komatsu Launches All New 3TClass Lithium-ion Battery Mini Excavator – The Best in its Class

Komatsu Ltd. race against time to become carbon neutral within the next three decades, by 2050 has raised the bar for competing heavy machine manufacturers. The manufacturer’s latest release according to CEO of Komatsu Hiroyuki Ogawa is a remodelled version of the popular PC30E mini excavator that will be introduced to the European market and major cities such as Melbourne in Australia where numerous mega infrastructure projects are currently underway.

The PC30E’s successful market run as a rental model within the Japanese market in 2020 makes it evident that the newly improved machine will do as well in cities such as Melbourne where the latest features of the machine such as zero exhaust, low heat, low vibration and low noise will allow the machine to cut through the competition like a hot knife on butter. The latest model by Komatsu sports a lithium-ion battery in contrast to the previous model which used lead-acid battery.

This means that the new version about to be released will last longer, the machine is also much lighter which will add to the convenience of those who need mini excavators for hire in Melbourne due to the convenience the machine provides in terms of transportation.

Primary Product Features

1. Environmentally ‘Friendliest’

This machine emits zero exhaust gas, produces very low noise levels and vibrations which improves the working environment of construction sites. The machine is also perfect for indoor and afterhours work due to these features as fossil fuel or engine based equipment are not suitable due to the elements of exhaust gases, vibrations and noise. In essence this latest model arrives at an entirely clean working environment and could be applied to domestic landscaping jobs in neighbourhoods without causing stress to neighbours or fatigue among workers around the clock.

2. Longer duration of working hours with large-capacity lithium ion battery and compact body frame

The latest model features a large capacity lithium ion battery that extends the operational hours by an approximate 20% (depending on the type of task that the machine is handling) when compared to the previous electric model. The weight of this new model has been reduced significantly and estimated to be lighter by 25%. Another feature that makes this particular mini excavator a favourite for hire is the tail swing radius of the compact mini excavator which is shorter by about 30% compared to the older version. This simply means that the machine will be not only able to operate longer, but will also be able to work in the tightest spaces.

3. Body Design for Safety and Maintenance

The machine is compartmentalised for routine check-ups with all components of high voltage are separated entirely, allowing operators or mechanics to safely check mechanical areas without exposing themselves to high-voltage danger. According to a senior engineer from Komatsu, high voltage areas are free of maintenance and check-up of engine related to fluids are unrequired which significantly reduces the frequency of check-ups required.