June 24, 2024


Built Business Tough

Interview an Expert to Create Magic

If you’re looking to get started selling information products, you should consider interviewing an expert.

Interviewing creates magic; it makes something out of nothing.

When I started my business interviewing marketing experts in 2001, I knew little about the subject.

I was determined though.

I decided that I was going to provide the best marketing content on the web and that I would do what it takes to get it. If that meant contacting people I didn’t know (which was nearly everyone in those early years) and offering to interview them, I would do it.

Armed with little more than a phone and a tape-recorder, I decided to focus on asking good questions, recording the answers, and posting great products on the internet.

The strategy seemed to work.

In time, people started to visit my website. And the number has been increasing ever since.

These people come in search of expertise. They come in search of experience. They come in search of stories.

And I am able to offer all of these things.

And every time they go to that website – they see my name.

And every time they play one of my interviews – they hear my voice.

Naturally, over the years, my knowledge of the many aspects of business and marketing – direct mail, advertising and copywriting – has grown.

But, I still don’t consider myself to be an expert in any of them.

The interesting thing is, many of my customers do.

So much so that they’re prepared to spend money to buy my products. Sometimes big money.

And that’s magic.