March 2, 2024


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How to Get Experts to To Say Yes to an Interview

Here is one lesson I learned when I had my assistant asking for audio interviews.

There is tremendous power if you have someone else ask for you. Even if it’s a family member or a friend, like your assistant. As long as you are positioned as someone who works with you, there is just tremendous power in having a third party do that.

I had an assistant that I hired for a couple of months and her job was to do nothing but book me interviews. I was kind of in an interview mode and it was kind of nerve wracking asking for interviews. If I’m asking it can be nervous for me asking for an interview, you know? I may get turned down like anyone else.

But I hired this assistant and I didn’t have to deal with that. I said, “Here is your job; your job is to approach these experts,” and I gave her a list, “and you are the personal assistant for Michael Senoff and Michael Senoff would like to interview you for the month of November or December,” whatever. That was very powerful, because it wasn’t me asking it was someone else asking and it was great positioning for myself.

She was really successful. That month we did a ton of interviews. I was so busy doing interviews and editing the audio that I had to take a breather from it for a while. She got me so much stuff that I didn’t use her for the third month, I couldn’t keep up.

So yes, you can be a nothing, but you could position yourself by having a personal assistant call and schedule these interviews for you and with phone systems today people don’t know and with a Web site you could project a beautiful image. They have no idea really what your company or business is like and I’m not saying lie or deceive anyone. But just go for it.