July 19, 2024


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6 Incredibly Thoughtful Gifts Everyone Will Want

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Everybody loves to get gifts. It is just in our nature to want to be thought about enough, that someone would buy something for us. So, it stands to reason that a gift from the corporation we work for would really be appreciated. I know what you’re thinking. The boss gives us a book that resembles the Fingerhut catalog. We start thinking. Oh great, just what I wanted, more Chinese junk around the house. Well, as nice as that is let’s go a step beyond and think about incredibly thoughtful corporate gifts. I’m talking about the good stuff here. Something you would not buy for yourself, like a really good watch, not a Timex. Engraved and all. Or how about a vacation, to Hawaii, Peru, or Spain. A smart corporate gift would be a new laptop. This is good for you and the business. Of course, the most thoughtful gift would be cash, cold hard cash. The bonus. Everyone loves good food and there are plenty of really nice mail-order suppliers of gourmet food and goodies. One could even go as far as a gift certificate to a really upscale toy store. Not Amazon or eBay. I mean like to the Dupont Registry. Now that is a thoughtful gift baby…

The standard corporate gift, for years, was the company watch. It was usually gold plated and fairly good quality. It depended on your company ranking. Nowadays there are so many cheap well-made watches it would miss the mark. A nice quality watch is what I’m talking about. An Omega, really nice Seiko, Tag Heuer, or Movado. That kicks it up a notch and shows that you are a valued employee or client. These watches will last your lifetime and more.

A vacation is a thoughtful corporate gift. I mean a real trip to Mexico, Japan, or Italy including the time off paid. This would be a life-changing adventure that would definitely create memories for a lifetime. Even a weekend at a great spa is an awesome corporate gift. It would refresh and renew having you ready for a little more stress.

Computers are always changing and upgrading. Wouldn’t it be nice if the corporation gave you a new state of the art laptop computer, for your personal use? Of course, we would use it for work because it’s simply the best computer out there. So, this is not only a thoughtful gift for you, it’s also business savvy.

You know one of the most thoughtful corporate gifts I ever got was straight-up money. The company bonuses. Cash, beautiful, spendable cash. Money to go spends on yourself. This means a person can pick out their own thoughtful corporate gift. In just the right size and flavor.

How about a gift certificate for a toy store? Not Amazon or eBay. I think something a little more upscale… Maybe like the Dupont Registry. Yes, this could be expensive, however, it would be quite thoughtful. There are other very exclusive catalogs and subscription services that would be a fine gift also. The thought of getting a box every month with surprises or treats would be really nice. Food always makes a thoughtful gift. Steak of the month club would be awesome, or the wine of the month club.

Incredibly thoughtful corporate gifts that everyone would want is really an easy thing to find. Most people just want to be recognized, when this is done with sincerity, you could give them a lollipop and they would probably be happy and satisfied. So, remember it’s not the gift it’s the thought that really counts. Except for money… I would rather count money.