April 16, 2024


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Solar in Jackson Mississippi: Do you Need a Permit for Off Grid Solar in Jackson?

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Turning to renewable energy would not only help lessen our carbon footprint and save the environment, but it could also help you power your house without fully relying on the grid, so you would have power despite blackouts. There are a ton of solar panel installations in Jackson, Mississippi that you could go to for consultation if you are interested in installing solar panels in your homes. But the question remains, do you need a permit for off grid solar in Jackson Mississippi?

Can you go off grid with solar?

Yes, you could technically go off grid with solar. You could buy yourself a big back of batteries along with your panels, use these batteries to store any excess solar electricity when the sun is up and blazing, and you can now get your electricity from the bank of batteries later in the day.

So, there are 4 reasons why you might choose to go off grid:

  1. You are connected to the grid, but you suffer frequent blackouts. There are certain places, especially if you are in a place where natural calamities usually happen, you might experience frequent blackouts and that must be frustrating. You may or may not want a system that would be able to run when the grid is down because solar systems that are connected to the grid cannot function when the grid is out. 
  1. There is no electricity in the place you live. If you basically live in the middle of nowhere, getting yourself an off-grid solar system is definitely the way to go.
  1. The nearest grid connection is a long way from your home and your local electricity network would want to charge you a ton of money to connect with you. If this is the case, then being off grid might be the next choice for you at this point. A decent sized off grid system starts at approximately $25,000, in the long run, you would be able to save a lot more.
  1. Going off grid may just sound appealing to you. You know what they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having your own off grid solar system would give you a bit more independence so that you won’t be relying solely on the electricity grid so you are prepared in case anything happens.

Can you get free solar panels in Jackson?

No, you cannot get free solar panels in Jackson, Mississippi, but there are incentives and rebates that you could get when you have your own solar panels and when you own your own solar system. Aside from the federal solace investment tax credit, where you get about 26 percent of the federal tax credit of your solar panel system, which included equipment, labor, and permitting, Mississippi gives its own incentives as well.

Net energy metering – Mississippi would have to be one of the 6 states of the United States of America without statewide net metering standards in place since the net metering remains completely at the discretion of the utility companies. It is a rate paid for electricity placed in the grid that gives their customers about 2.5 cents/kWh above the company’s avoided-cost rate.

With Mississippi power, it will determine how much solar energy that your system sends to the grid every 15 minutes and they will credit you about 5.5 cents per kWh.

There are also loans that are available for you through Go Energy FInancial for the Jackson EMC residential members. The qualified applicants may apply for up to $25,000 in order to purchase a PV system that is approved by Jackson EMC or an ENERGY STAR-qualified solar thermal water heater.

Is it illegal to power your home with solar panels in Jackson?

No, it is not illegal for you to power your home with solar panels in Jackson, Mississippi but there is the Jackson EMC’s team of energy experts that would be able to help you make the final decision by conducting a solar site survey to determine if the solar products that you are planning on getting for your home are fit for your home and if the products would benefit you.

How do you know that solar is right for you?

  • Is your roof in good condition?
  • Is your property free from deed restrictions on solar energy systems?
  • Do you own your home and property?
  • Are you a Jackson EMC member?
  • Does a large portion of your roof face south?
  • Does your property get full sun or minimal shades from trees, buildings, and other structures?
  • Can you afford to purchase a solar power system?

Can I put solar panels in my backyard?

Yes, there are a ton of options that you could do in putting your solar panels and it could easily adapt to your needs and preferences. Other locations like barns, pergolas, and garages are also perfect places where you could install your solar panels.