June 24, 2024


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Family Restaurants Adapt International Cuisine

In India we have a culture of eating together at a dinner table, or lunch table for a family meal and this has given rise to the family steak house ho chi minh concept. Globally, family restaurants are usually associated with fine dining, dining which happens only on occasions, but in India every meal is an occasion. Families and extended families break bread together in all cultural and religious backgrounds, in India. This is the reason why most India restaurants have a family restaurant seating – where they can accommodate a family members. And families in India are large! The western concept of individuals going for a meal alone is generally frowned upon.

Indian food, however, is a very broad term even in India. Considering the range of cuisines India has to offer, Indian food restaurants cannot be one kind of cuisine in India. Maybe in another country when they do not know the nuances of Indian food, can they have ‘authentic’ Indian restaurant. The Indian cuisine is extensive and rich in flavors. The aromatic spices, vivid vegetables, citrus fruits and the rare herbs have shaped the Indian palate distinctively. Cultural miens and habits also influence the recipes.

So yes, in India you can have restaurants for Indian food – but they are either South Indian food or North Indian food restaurants or if you further want classifications – Kerala food restaurants, Udupi restaurants which fall under the South Indian family among others or Kashmiri food restaurants or Punjabi restaurants – which fall under the North Indian family!

In India, eating out is an even bigger occasion than a family meal at home. So most Indians will pile up in their big cars or take up public transport over the weekend and head out to a family restaurant. Everyone is welcome at the restaurant – from the grandmother to the little toddler, they never refuse entry of a huge family – as the business is targeted at such large groups. They may be noisy, boisterous and quite a task to manage for the waiters – they are very deftly managed. With large orders pouring in, the money is music to the cash register.

Restaurants which are traditionally not based on Indian food have even adapted themselves to suit the India palate. So only in India you will find the chicken tikka pizza and the portions served which are family meals – not a meal for one or two but a meal for say 6 people – usually a family. These meals are called Family meals. Not only pizzas but KFC, McDonalds and other international fast food eateries have taken not only the Indian route of converting themselves into dining places but also have adapted their food to suit Indian palates. So much so McDonald’s which is a fast food and takeaway joint in the rest of the world, is positioned as a steak house ho chi minh!
Even large luxury hotel chains do not discourage families. In fact they have banquet facilities for even larger families to dine in! They have steak ho chi minh menus, family setting and family friendly food. Though a lot of international cuisines is gaining acceptance in luxury hotel chain restaurants, there are families who still flock to the Indian food restaurants even in a luxury hotel. Family restaurants are totally a boon and catering to a large crowd makes them more popular.